Sustainability (ESG)

Creating a global sustainability leader in animal health

Effective management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) enables Vimian and our family of businesses to capture and capitalize new opportunities, mitigate risks and minimize any adverse impacts from the group’s activities. Our approach to ESG is data driven and focused on material areas where Vimian can make the most significant impact.

Sustainability strategy


Create the best place to work

Extraordinary businesses are built by extraordinary people and Vimian’s employees are the Group’s most important asset to drive growth and create value. Therefore, we are committed to create the best place to work.

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45% of leaders are women
37 nationalities
67% of Vimians educated in Code of Conduct



Driving innovation to improve animal health and welfare, and reduce antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Healthy animals have a close link with healthy people, both to reduce spread of infectious diseases e.g., zoonosis and food safety. Further, AMR is a major challenge for humanity, and the veterinary industry has an important role to play in antimicrobial stewardship. Therefore, we are committed to be the leading global innovator in animal health solutions and standards that increase animal welfare and reduce AMR.

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11,325 trained animal health professionals
80 Products launched to improve animal health
510+ SKUs reducing use of antimicrobials



Clear path towards net-zero climate impact

It is clear from the 2021 IPPC report that the planet is at a critical point and we must all increase the efforts to limit the impacts of the climate crisis on our planet. Therefore, our long-term ambition is to have a clear path towards net zero climate impact across the value chain and empower our customers with solutions to do
the same.

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1,793 tCO2e in Scope 1&2
718.5 tCO2e in Scope 1
1,075 tCO2e in Scope 2

3,411 MWh energy consumed
24% Renewable energy for electricity
86% Vimians in purchasing trained in Supplier Code


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