Two focus areas have been identified to improve animal health and reduce antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

1. Animal welfare

We are committed to promote ways of working and solutions throughout the value chain that contribute to improved animal health and welfare


  • New products released that improve animal health and welfare (#)
  • Educated animal health professionals across segments (#) i.e. surgeons, veterinarians, pet parents, diagnostics professionals

2. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

We are committed to create and promote innovation projects, products and preventive methods to reduce the use of antimicrobials


  • SKUs reducing the use of antimicrobials (#)

2023 insights

Animal welfare policy

For Vimian animal welfare means to support animals to live the best life possible, physically and mentally. The purpose of this Animal Welfare policy is to outline our commitments and ways of working to promote animal welfare throughout our value chain.

Animal Welfare Policy

Vimian highlighted role model for animal welfare

Vimian aims to include animal ethics and welfare in all aspects of the group’s work from marketing to education to supporting staff with ethical dilemmas or conflict.

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