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Specialty Pharma


Nextmune is a global provider of proprietary diagnostics, prescription and non-prescription treatments for preventive care and treatment of chronic conditions for companion animals, with a strong position within allergy, dermatology, otology and specialised nutrition.

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Movora is a global provider of orthopedic implants sold to veterinarians and universities. It offers one of the broadest product portfolios within companion animal orthopedics, ranging from fracture plates to complete hip replacement systems.

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Veterinary Services


VetFamily is a provider of tech-enabled services, delivered through a membership-based platform for veterinary clinics. Its service offering includes procurement and tech-driven operations applications such as online marketing, education and HR, as well as providing a community for veterinary clinics.

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Indical Bioscience

Indical Bioscience is a leading provider of molecular and immunodiagnostic solutions used by laboratories for veterinary specific applications, with a focus on both the livestock and companion animal health markets.

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