Improving animal health through science and technology


Welcome to Vimian

Vimian is a global animal health company covering four essential and rapidly evolving areas: Specialty Pharma, MedTech, Diagnostics, and Veterinary Services.

At Vimian, we believe that every animal deserves the best available care. We bring pioneering businesses together to make the market’s most innovative offerings accessible to more animal health professionals and pet owners.

About us

Vimian in numbers

330 mEUR in revenues
1,100 employees
80 markets
17,000 customers


How we grow

By combining forward-leaning R&D initiatives and bringing pioneering businesses together, Vimian make the market’s most innovative products, services and treatments accessible to more animal health professionals and pet owners.

Developing global distribution and offering extensive professional training and education, helps us improve animal health and drive market growth.

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Creating a global sustainability leader in animal health

Effective management of ESG (environmental, social and governance) enables Vimian and our family of businesses to capture and capitalize new opportunities, mitigate risks and minimize any adverse impacts from the group’s activities. Our ESG agenda is focused on people, animals and the planet.

ESG at Vimian

What makes us Vimian

It’s impossible to overstate the role culture plays in the success of every business, including our own. The Vimian way of building businesses is a clear reflection of our core values and the behaviours we stand by. In other words – what makes us Vimian.

Our values

Extraordinary businesses are built by extraordinary people

Join us on the journey to improve animal health through science and technology for better lives. 

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At Vimian, we bring together dedicated entrepreneurs, business owners and management teams to grow a better future through improving animal health.

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