Two focus areas have been identified to support the transition towards net-zero climate impact across the value chain and empower our customers with solutions to do the same.

1. Climate impact

We are committed to actively measure and mitigate our greenhouse gas emissions and negative impact on the planet throughout the value chain


  • GHG emissions (tCO2e)
  • Emissions in scope 1&2 (tCO2e)
  • Emissions in scope 3 emissions (tCO2e)
  • Share of renewable electricity (%)
  • Employees informed on climate policy (%)

2023 insights

2. Responsible supply chain

We are committed to actively work to create a more responsible supply chain where we mitigate our environmental impact and safeguard human rights


  • Material suppliers working in aligment with the Supplier Code (%)
  • Employees in purchasing positions trained in Supplier Code (%)

2023 insights

Vimian launching carbon reduction plan and target

The group-wide carbon reduction plan for Scope 1&2 has the target to reduce emissions by 42% until 2030 (with 2022 as baseline). The target is in alignment with the Paris Agreement and guidelines from the Sciene Based Target Initiative.

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