Vimian at Stora Aktiedagen

Mar 16 2023

Vimian at Stora Aktiedagen

Listen to Vimian's Maria Dahllöf Tullberg at Aktiespararna’s ”Stora Aktiedagen” in Stockholm talking about the animal health market and Vimian. Aktiespararna is the world's largest member organization for private individuals who save in shares and funds.

A resilient market expected to grow 

The animal health market has historically proven resilience in challenging times, e.g., during the financial crisis in 2008. The animal health market is worth around EUR 50 billion with an expected growth (CAGR) of approximately 8% until 2030.

Growth is driven by

  • humanisation of pets
  • advancement in veterinary care
  • growing and ageing pet population 
  • awareness of available treatments 
  • decreased use of antimicrobials
Focusing on niches with unmet medical needs 
  • Specialty pharma
  • MedTech
  • Veterinary services
  • Diagnostics
Strong track record since 2016
  • 81% CAGR 2018-2022
  • 105% adj. EBITDA CAGR 2018-2022
  • 29% adj. EBTDA margin
Strong organic growth initatives  
  • Full potential in all geographies e.g., ensure full product availablility in all markets, multi-channel go to market models, collaboration between the Vimian segments and green field new market entries 
  • Capture white space through education e.g., educating 11,000+ veterinary professionals in 2022, strong network and collaboration with key opinion leaders and own training facilities. 
  • Strong R&D and product development pipeline e.g., innvoating next generation allergy tests with biotech company, first surgeries with 3D printed orthopedic implants and new Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled tech platform in diagnostics. 
Acquisitions thorugh clear value framework 
  • Framework for value creation where a target meets atleast one of the following criteria: Portfolio expansion, geographic expansion, access to new channels/customers, new capabilities/technology
  • An example is building Movora, where nine companies together create a global leader in veterinary ortopedics.
Integrating sustainability (ESG) in all business plans 
  • Sustainability a natural part of the core business e.g., diagnostics needed to reduce use of antimicrobials 
  • Integrating sustainability (ESG) in all business plans 
  • Structured data-driven approach creating clear target and follow-up 
Investment case in an attractive market 
  • Highly profitable and cash generative 
  • Consolidation journey just getting started 
  • Attractive market segments with great prospects
  • Highly attractive market opportunity