Growing the Marketplace for Vets

Feb 20 2024

Heiland, the "Marketplace for vets" accelerates growth

In an ambitious move, Heiland, the marketplace for vets, part of the Vimian Group, accelerates its commitment to revolutionizing veterinary supplies access across Europe and are looking for four key recruits.

The new team members will drive the company's service quality and operational efficiency forward:

  • UX/UI Designer (here): Tasked with enhancing the online shopping experience, making it more intuitive and user-friendly for veterinary professionals.
  • Customer Success Manager for France (here): A crucial addition focusing on nurturing customer relationships and ensuring the satisfaction of the French market clientele. 
  • Frontend Developer (here): Dedicated to improving website functionality and performance, ensuring a seamless user experience for all customers.
  • Key Account Manager for Germany (here): Will continue to strengthen relationships with major clients in Germany, supporting Heiland's solid foundation in its original market.

"As Heiland ventures into this exciting phase, it remains dedicated to simplifying the procurement process for veterinary clinics and professionals, enabling them to focus more on animal care. This growth not only cements Heiland's position as a leader in the veterinary supplies market but also sets a robust stage for future expansions", explains Gustav Grundstr√∂m, Head of Expansion at Heiland. 

**About Heiland and Vimian Group:** was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2016 and is  a premier online marketplace for veterinary supplies, part of the Vimian Group. With a mission to support veterinary professionals, Heiland offers an exhaustive range of products. Vimian Group, a global leader in animal health, innovates to improve animal welfare globally.