Extraordinary businesses are built by extraordinary people. At Vimian, we bring together dedicated entrepreneurs, business owners and impact makers with a shared passion to improve animal health through science and technology for better lives.


Become part of the team on a group level. At Vimian's headquarters in Stockholm, we support and strengthen the business segments with functions within sustainability, M&A, finance and HR.

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Work in our companion animal specialty pharma segment offering proprietary diagnostics, prescription and non-prescription treatments for preventive care and chronic conditions. Nextmune is a global leader in allergy, dermatology, specialised nutrition and compounding and a trusted partner to more than 15.000 veterinarians in more than 70 countries.

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Work in our orthopedic segment offering orthopedic implants to veterinarians and universities in over 45 markets around the world with the purpose to ensure every companion animal lives a long, pain-free life. Movora has the broadest portfolio in the market, ranging from fracture repair in Chihuahua’s to total hip replacement in Tigers. Movora drives education of 1000’s of veterinary surgeons each year with 80+ laboratories world-wide. 

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Work in our veterinary clinic segment, the natural partner for veterinary clinics and suppliers. Offering a service platform that supports 4,500+ clinics across Europe, US, Australia and China with procurement and tech-enabled services such preventive care plans, clinic improvement services, online marketing and education. VetFamily is also a vibrant community, making sure an independent vet never feels alone.

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Indical Bioscience

Join our diagnostics segment Indical Bioscience to  improve diagnostics for better animal and human health. 75% of emerging infectious diseases of humans have an animal origin, Indical’s solutions make it possible to monitor, identify, prevent, and eradicate animal diseases e.g. African Swine Fever, Infuenza and Blue tongue. Indical is a global leader in the development of complete solutions for molecular and immunological veterinary testing present in 80+ countries. 
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Meet our leadership team

Patrik Eriksson

Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie

Magnus Kjellberg

CEO of Nextmune
Guy C. Spörri

CEO of Movora
Alireza Tajbakhsh

CEO of VetFamily
Stefano Santarelli

CEO of Indical Bioscience
Martin Bengtson

Head of M&A
Maria Dahllöf Tullberg

Head of IR, Communications & Sustainability
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Carl-Johan Ehn

General Counsel