Excercise of over-allotment option and end of stabilisation period

Jun 30 2021

Excercise of over-allotment option and end of stabilisation period


Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) ("Carnegie"), in its capacity as stabilisation manager, today notified Vimian Group AB (publ) ("Vimian" or the "Company") and Fidelio[1] that the over-allotment option has been exercised in respect of 14,101,557 ordinary shares and that the stabilisation period has ended.

As announced on 18 June 2021 in the press release regarding the first day of trading in Vimian’s ordinary share on Nasdaq First North Growth Market (the "Listing"), Carnegie has, in its capacity as stabilisation manager, had the option to carry out transactions in the Vimian share aimed at supporting the price of the share at levels above those which might otherwise prevail in the market.

Stabilisation transactions in the Vimian share have been possible to carry out on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, in the over-the-counter market or otherwise, at any time from the first day of trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market (on 18 June 2021) and for no longer than 30 calendar days thereafter. Carnegie has, however, been under no obligation to effect stabilising transactions and there has been no assurance that stabilising transactions would be undertaken. Further, stabilising transactions, if undertaken, could be discontinued at any time without prior notice. Stabilisation transactions could in no event be effected at levels above the price in the private placement carried out in connection with the Listing (the “Private Placement”), i.e. SEK 76 per share.

In connection with the Private Placement, Fidelio entered into an undertaking to, within 30 days from the first day of trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, upon the request of Carnegie, sell up to additional 14,395,944 existing ordinary shares in Vimian to cover any over-allotment in connection with the Listing (the “Over-Allotment Option”). Since Carnegie, in accordance with what is stated below, has undertaken stabilisation transactions in respect of 294,387 shares in the Company (as announced on 24 June 2021), and due to Vimian’s share price performance, Carnegie today notified the Company and Fidelio that Carnegie has exercised the Over-Allotment Option in respect of 14,101,557 ordinary shares and that the stabilisation period has ended.

Carnegie has, in its capacity as stabilisation manager, notified that stabilisation measures, in accordance with Article 5.4 of the Market Abuse Regulation (EU No 596/2014), have been undertaken in the Vimian share on First North as specified below. Contact person at Carnegie is Johan Flintull, phone: +46 8 588 688 00.

Stabilisation information

Issuer: Vimian Group AB (publ)
Security: Ordinary share (ISIN: SE0015961982)
Size of Private Placement: 110,368,908 shares (including full Over-Allotment Option)
Price in the Private Placement: SEK 76
Market: Nasdaq First North Growth Market
Ticker: VIMIAN
Stabilisation manager: Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ)

Stabilisation measures

Date Quantity (number of shares) Highest price (SEK) Lowest price (SEK) Volume weighted average price (SEK) Currency Trading venue
2021-06-18 294,387 76.00 76.00 76.00 SEK SSME

[1] Refers to Goldcup 28102 AB (u.c.t. Fidelio Vet Holding II AB).

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Fredrik Ullman
+41 795 80 80 60

Henrik Halvorsen
+46 709 66 71 76

Fredrik Sätterström
Head of Investor Relations
+46 705 10 10 22

The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, at 18.00 CEST on 30 June 2021.

About Vimian
Vimian is a fast-growing and profitable company targeting global niches within animal health, characterised by significant unmet needs and sustainable above-market growth potential. Today, the Group covers four essential and rapidly evolving segments of animal health – Specialty Pharma, Diagnostics, Veterinary Services and MedTech. By partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs and management teams within selected niches of animal health, Vimian aims to create an ecosystem of category leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs with the unique ability to combine the strengths and capabilities of a global group with the intimacy, speed, and creativity of an owner-led business. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Vimian and its over 400 employees offer a diversified portfolio of products, services and solutions, including over 13,000 SKUs protected by over 100 patents, to more than 15,000 veterinary clinics and labs in over 150 countries. Vimian is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. FNCA Sweden AB is appointed Certified Adviser (info@fnca.se / +46 (0)8 528 003 99).

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