Conversion of C-shares in Vimian Group AB

Regulatory press release
Jan 10 2023

Conversion of C-shares in Vimian Group AB

The number of votes in Vimian Group AB (publ) (“Vimian”) has changed as a result of conversions of in total 6,019,086 C-shares into ordinary shares carried out in January following requests from shareholders in accordance with the conversion clause in Vimian’s articles of association.

Pursuant to agreements entered into between Vimian and certain shareholders in connection with the rollover conducted in connection with the listing in 2021, the C-shares will vest over a three-year period. Conversion of the 6,019,086 C-shares relates to vesting of the first third of the C-shares.

Following the conversion, there are in total 441,122,339 shares in Vimian, of which 18,930,656 are C-shares, together carrying 1,893,065.6 votes and 422,191,683 are ordinary shares, together carrying 422,191,683 votes. The total number of votes in Vimian is 424,084,748,6.

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