Sustainability framework

Vimian and its family of businesses share a fundamental belief that, strategic and effective management of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) risks and opportunities, is critical to create long-term value for societies and stakeholders alike.

At Vimian, ESG represents a group-wide responsibility, with a clearly defined strategic focus on making a positive impact on Communities, Animals and our Planet. As such, a total of 14 of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals are of particular relevance to the Group.


We support veterinary professionals
  • We finance PhD programs in infectious disease diagnostics
  • We sponsor research studies across several areas
  • For over a decade, Vimian through its verticals holds an annual symposium to foster knowledge exchange and learning within the veterinary community
  • Vimian supports young, skilled surgeons and residents through the Company's THR fellowship
  • Highest-grade sponsor of the European Congress of Veterinary Dermatology
  • We support veterinarians and veterinary nurses through various academy programs
We expand veterinary care and diagnostics to underserved communities
  • We sponsor the development of an easy-to-use and affordable laboratory for Vietnam to combat African Swine Fever in collaboration with USDA
  • Vimian works with the FOA lab in Cambodia to enable access to new easy to use technology for the detection of emerging diseases
We support our colleagues and cultivate a safe, flexible, diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Vimian has a 47 percent representation of women in key leadership positions
  • In the United States, Vimian partners with the operation New Hope that helps ex-offenders to get back into the world of work as well as ARC Employment Service that support people with disabilities to find a job
We conduct business ethically
  • Vimian is rolling out anti-corruption and anti-bribery training to employees
  • Vimian has policies in place that key suppliers need to fulfil
  • A number of Vimian’s laboratories and production facilities are GMP or USDA certified
  • Vimian applies high ethical standards in decision-making and follow human healthcare code of conduct
We develop our talent
  • Vimian actively supports the personal development of employees and invests in their continuous development



We provide products and services that protect animal welfare
  • Vimian offers solutions and services aimed at improving the lives of animals and those who care for them
  • Vimian sells products for complex procedures to trained surgeons, who have demonstrated their ability to perform complication free surgeries
  • Vimian invests in pet parent and veterinary education to give a voice to companion animals who suffer
  • Vimian organises annual internal charity events to help local animal shelters
We Promote a preventative approach to animal health
  • Development of monitoring systems for early detection of pathogens in farms with a focus on reduction of antibiotic use and spread of infectious diseases
  • Working with farmers and farm veterinarians for safer, more secure food for improved nutrition and health
  • Vimian offers products to companion animals to prevent acute care
We enable access to vet care in emerging markets
  • Vimian sponsors the development of an easy-to-use and affordable lab for Vietnam to combat African Swine Fever
We combat diseases that pose the greatest risks to animals and humans
  • Vimian invests in technologies that enable the detection of diseases that pose a threat to humans, e.g. Covid-19, Influenza, Q Fever, Foot and Mouth Disease



We enable our partners to reduce their environmental footprint
  • Vimian enables laboratories to reduce their plastic and biohazardous waste with modular plastics systems
We rethink our products to reduce the environmental footprint of transportation
  • Vimian is developing new product forms that reduces the need for refrigerated and bulky transportation
We reduce our carbon footprint
  • Vimian minimises work travel by replacing physical meetings with video conferences whenever possible
We reduce the use of antibiotics
  • Vimian develops monitoring solutions to enable the prevention of diseases, and move away from current use of antibiotics
  • Vimian designs products in a way that reduces the infections risk as well as train customers on hygiene and sterile ways of working
  • Vimian promotes the careful use of antibiotics and a number of products for companion animals intended to complement or even substitute antibiotics
  • Vimian promote the careful use of antibiotics and a number of products for companion
We positively impact how our customers work with sustainability
  • Vimian creates sustainability dashboards, developing “green label certification” of member clinics and recommend sustainable suppliers and products


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